This module can easily join a party. You can join the party by clicking on a place other than "Click here". It works just by introducing it.(Translated by Google Translate)

Discord Gai#9818
Redistribution prohibited.
/ cairo - オープンGUI 
A better sidebar
/sb - opens the settings
This AutoGG is for Warzone ( it says "❤ GG" at the end of each game.
Displays watchdog stats with a command.
All commands:
/wds - Displays Watchdog's stats
/wds setkey - Saves your API key
/wds key - View your current API Key
/wds removekey - Removes your current API Key
/wds help - Displays module's commands

This module removes the delay when using the bed to leave,
it should work with all games.

/nodelaycfg - Opens the settings manager

Disable Delay - Enables/Disables the delay
Leave Text - The text that comes up when you use it
Makes every Hypixel rank shorter, example: [MVP++]  -> [M+]

Currently works only in chat.
Makes Skywars chat cleaner and removes unwanted things.
Removes the countdown numbers in skywars and replaces them with colored (5,4,3,2,1) By: Fifti

1.0: Release.
1.1: Reversed colors + added 4.
Plays a sound when you kill someone in skywars or the pit.

Guide to changing sound: