A set of ported utilities from old ChatTriggers. This pack includes:
  • HypixelFriends
  • PartyPlus
  • WhiteChat
  • AutoFriend
/hu - open settings
Makes every Hypixel rank shorter, example: [MVP++]  -> [M+]

Currently works only in chat.
Tracks your winstreak in hypixel gamemodes.
Tested and works on:
Skywars, Bedwars

/winstreak - Displays all commands
/winstreak show - Shows your winstreak in chat
/winstreak toggle - Toggle on/off winstreak tracking
/winstreak reset - Reset your winstreak to 0.
A custom chat filter for Hypixel
/ab - open the AdBlock gui
/ab reset - resets settings back to default
If someone says your name whilst in-game on the hypixel network, you will still be tagged. (your name turns yellow in the message and  a distict DING sound can be heard).
Reverts the changes to YT rank ([YOUTUBE] => {YT}) and makes [MVP++] blend in with [MVP+] on Hypixel.
Plays a sound when you kill someone in skywars or the pit.

Guide to changing sound: https://hypixel.net/threads/ct-killsound-play-a-user-defined-sound-when-you-kill-someone.1743276/

This module is a simple module that will message a player with a message specified in the amafk.js file when /afk toggle is ran.
Official Hypixel Forums Post: https://hypixel.net/threads/chattriggers-ctjs-amafk-official-release-1-0.1741451/
The command to toggle AFK mode is /afk toggle. It is automatically toggled off when you first login.
The default message is "Hey (playername)! I am currently not here right now." You can change it if you want (see forums post).

1.1: Updated to latest cj.js version (thanks kerby!)
To install latest, delete AmAFK 1.0 and run /ct import AmAFK again.

Copyright © xMdb 2017-2018
! Releasing this module as your own without permission will lead into it being taken down. !
This module is produced in Japanese. (English version is also soon.)

  • カスタマイズ可能なデバッグを表示します。
  • 次の試合・ロビーに戻るためのキーバインドを設定します。
  • 自動ダッシュ
  • 自動GG
  • 自動フレンド認証(スパム対策機能付き)
  • WatchDogReport用GUIの追加とクリック可能なデスメッセージ
  • (0, 0)への座標案内 距離表示
  • 追加のホワイトリスト
  • キルディスプレイ
  • キルサウンド・デスサウンド
  • カウントポッパー
  • ベッドウォーズのプログレスバー

  • /mie - GUIを開く(キーバインド ➔ 右シフト)
  • /mie reset - 設定をすべてリセット
  • /mwdr UserName もしくは /: UserName - WDRするためのGUIを開く(デスメッセージをクリック)
  • /names UserName - 名前の履歴を表示

  • 右シフト ▶ メインGUI
  • M ▶ ホワイトリスト
  • G ▶ クイックネクスト
  • 変換 ▶ クイックロビー


This is AutoConfirm. /chatreport [user name] will automatically /chatreport confirm.(Translate by google)