Death excuses on command! /are for all cmds and help.
[Hypixel Only!]
Adds a quit command
/quit - instantly quit out of the game
Displays watchdog stats with a command.
All commands:
/wds - Displays Watchdog's stats
/wds setkey - Saves your API key
/wds key - View your current API Key
/wds removekey - Removes your current API Key
/wds help - Displays module's commands
Press X to execute 'parkour checkpoint' command.
Automatically confirms the chat-report whenever you report someone.

/chatreport [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
/cr [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
Allows to toggle Mineplex's internal chats (party, team, community).

/mineplexchats party/team/community

/mineplexchat /mc

(Works only on Mineplex)
Whilst being a party leader you can use the command " /pw " to warp yourself, and your party to the lobby in a matter of milliseconds.

Good for leaving games before games start in-order to preserve stats..

cred for help to

2019-08-08 04:35:47 PM
Displays the exact Hour, Minute and Second before every message.

In Alpha  ): 
Patch Notes: Added FPS Counter, Remove Settings Manager Cause of Errors. Mineplex Commands.

Commands : /help

Tracks your winstreak in hypixel gamemodes.
Tested and works on:
Skywars, Bedwars

/winstreak - Displays all commands
/winstreak show - Shows your winstreak in chat
/winstreak toggle - Toggle on/off winstreak tracking
/winstreak reset - Reset your winstreak to 0.