Displays the exact Hour, Minute and Second before every message.

./chat a Good game

Private chat should really be private.

This module encrypts and decrypts guild chat and party chat.

/PrivateChat - Open the settings
/gchat - Send an encrypted guild chat
/pchat - Send an encrypted party chat
/gc and /pc will still send unencrypted chat

Makes Skywars chat cleaner and removes unwanted things.
A custom chat filter for Hypixel
/ab - open the AdBlock gui
/ab reset - resets settings back to default
Miscellaneous guild chat improvements for the Lemon Tree guild
This is AutoConfirm. /chatreport [user name] will automatically /chatreport confirm.(Translate by google)


Automatically confirms the chat-report whenever you report someone.

/chatreport [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
/cr [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
Shows a message in chat every 20 minutes reminding you to do one of the following : breathe, drink water, blink, stand straight, relax, move a bit. 
Use the commands ''/goodhabitsreminders'', ''/ghr'', ''/wellbeing'' or ''/wellness'' to toggle the mod on and off.
Allows to toggle Mineplex's internal chats (party, team, community).

/mineplexchats party/team/community

/mineplexchat /mc

(Works only on Mineplex)