Original module was produced in Japanese. So It may have mistake translation. (Japanese ver: here.)

  • Display customizable debug
  • QuickNext / QuickLobby
  • AutoSprint
  • AutoGG
  • AutoFriend(With anti-spam function)
  • Add WatchDogReport's GUI and clickable death messages
  • (0, 0)Coordinate Guider
  • New WhiteList system
  • KillDisplay
  • KillSound / DeathSound
  • Count Popper
  • BedWars's Progress Bar (under inventory)

  • /mie - open GUI
  • /mie reset - reset settings
  • /mwdr UserName or /: UserName - open SimpleWDR GUI    OR   Click to death messages (SW / BW)
  • /names UserName - Name History

  • R_SHIFT ▶ MainGUI
  • M ▶ WhiteList
  • G ▶ QuickNext
  • ALT ▶ QuickLobby

English ver: here

  • カスタマイズ可能なデバッグを表示します。
  • 次の試合・ロビーに戻るためのキーバインドを設定します。
  • 自動ダッシュ
  • 自動GG
  • 自動フレンド認証(スパム対策機能付き)
  • WatchDogReport用GUIの追加とクリック可能なデスメッセージ
  • (0, 0)への座標案内 距離表示
  • 追加のホワイトリスト
  • キルディスプレイ
  • キルサウンド・デスサウンド
  • カウントポッパー
  • ベッドウォーズのプログレスバー

  • /mie - GUIを開く(キーバインド ➔ 右シフト)
  • /mie reset - 設定をすべてリセット
  • /mwdr UserName もしくは /: UserName - WDRするためのGUIを開く(デスメッセージをクリック)
  • /names UserName - 名前の履歴を表示

  • 右シフト ▶ メインGUI
  • M ▶ ホワイトリスト
  • G ▶ クイックネクスト
  • 変換 ▶ クイックロビー


A module that provides support for modules created in Kotlin. This is meant to be used as a dependency, and shouldn't be imported by itself.
Displays the exact Hour, Minute and Second before every message.

Announces achievements you earn into guild chat.
If others in the same guild as you are using the mod, you see a custom message when they get an achievement.

Report any bugs to me on discord.
Notice: This module is currently in BETA Verison 0.1 so bugs can be found. Please report them to my Twitter or Add me on discord!

Version: BETA 0.3

This module is to help people who feed multiple pets at once. The module will count the number of pets and the total XP gained from all of the pets that were sent on a mission that hour.

  • Calculates the number of pets that earned 800 EXP, 600 EXP, 400 EXP and Total for Variable.
  • New Pet Messages Based on @Chandoggies Pet Thread
  • [Level Up!] Changes color every 10 Levels
  • Petexp - Shows Help Page / Base command
  • Petexp info - Shows information about the Module
  • Petexp stats - Shows overall Pet Stats Data
  • Petexp reset - Resets all data to 0
  • Petexp Toggle - Toggles the GUI
  • Petexp show - Shows the information of the GUI in chat
  • Petexp top <number> - Sets the "Top" amount of pets you can feed
  • Petexp tag <text> - Sets the "PetTag" to what ever you want!
How to Contact:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrLastrum
Discord: Lastrum#4523

  • Version BETA 0.3
    • GUI Toggle - Now saves if you have it toggled on or off for when you re-open minecraft
    • Overall Stats - Overall Stats Have been added
    • Level Up! - Every 10 Levels the "[Level Up!]" color changes to add a more rewarding experience
    • New Messages - Added a Lv100 Custom Msg and announcement in Guild Chat
    • Pet Top - the pet top data saves!
This module can easily join a party. You can join the party by clicking on a place other than "Click here". It works just by introducing it.(Translated by Google Translate)

Twitter https://twitter.com/mc_gai
Discord Gai#9818
Redistribution prohibited.
/ cairo - オープンGUI 
A better sidebar
/sb - opens the settings
This AutoGG is for Warzone (warzone.minehut.gg) it says "❤ GG" at the end of each game.