An addon to my last mod, AutoRageExcuse
Now automatic! Excuse on death.
Death excuses on command! /are for all cmds and help.
[Hypixel Only!]
When a game starts, a CS:GO sound will play 'let's go'
[You can now use all my 3 mods together, oof, sadfail and this.]
This module takes a set of points from Fourier.points and creates a list of vectors attached end to end that spin at constant velocities to approximate a curve that passes through all of the points. Basically, lots of circles can draw a picture.
/fourier - opens the gui

Resources used to create this module:
3blue1brown video
An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms
Plays 'mission failed,we'll get them next time' on a lot of hypixel games when you die
[Now you can use all my 3 mods together, soundminder, oof and this!]
[HYPIXEL ONLY] Says Oof on kill in more games! (SW,DUELS AND BLITZ)
thanks to fifti for some code 
[Now you can use all my 3 mods together, sadfail, soundminder and this]
A configurable ring selector menu.
Adds a quit command
/quit - instantly quit out of the game
Contains all ES6 official polyfills, such as Array.forEach and Promises.

Each polyfill is in it's own file, in the format ..js. All Polyfills (except for a few) are pulled directly from the Mozilla Development Network.

NOTE: The polyfills were not individually tested. If a polyfill does not work, please let me know on Discord.