Change rank and name with "/customrank" || Opens settings...
You can change your name with this - only visible on your side of course
You can change your rank - only visible on your side of course

Example of chat:
Example of tab:
Example of Scoreboard:
Example of Join Message:
Example of Party invite Message:
Example of Party disband Message:
Example of Party list Message:
Example of Game join Message:

8/6/2019 - Optimized regex || Changed how the module changes the name of the player, when requested... | Now 21 lines!
8/7/2019 - Optimized regex || Fixed it so not only MVP+ can use it xd || Now 39 lines!
8/8/2019 - Not broken anymore, Your "CustomRank" will not appear in the Tab List.  Sometimes the tab list won't update, you could forcefully update it with "/customrankreload" || 61 lines.
8/9/2019 - Fixed rank changing for those with no rank || Added so when in the scoreboard it displays a rank, for example in the main lobby it'll show the custom rank || Join lobby message changes per custom rank.. || Added party invite support and disband message changing support || 145 lines.
8/17/2019 - Added game join message changing support || 158 lines.
8/18/2019 - Complete rewrite, added party list support, fixed scoreboard rank || 72 lines.
8/19/2019 - Added alias /crank as alias to /customrank, some people didn't know it changed, fixed default rank support || 78 lines
8/20/2019 - Fixed kill messages

Better health/Mana display for Skyblock
Whilst being a party leader you can use the command " /pw " to warp yourself, and your party to the lobby in a matter of milliseconds.

Good for leaving games before games start in-order to preserve stats..

cred for help to

2019-08-08 04:35:47 PM
Simple ToggleSprint module...
Enable/Disable with "/togglesprint" Is case sensitive
Easily get obfuscated names of minecraft fields and methods. Works across version and in dev environments with no extra work to the module maker.

Getting the name of a field:
var name = Searge.field(JAVAOBJECT, 'fieldName');
Getting the name of a method:
var name = Searge.method(JAVAOBJECT, 'methodName');
USE CustomRank ------ /ct import CustomRank
A nicer alternative to XMLHttpRequest with a promise-like API. See the for a full api description
Says a random bible verse when a Hypixel gamemode starts or when you type "/bibleverse"
Type "/bibleverse toggle" to stop your missionary duty as a Christian, same command for going back on a crusade.
The most customizable status effect mod with over 2³² possible settings combinations! Type '/choosypot' to open the settings menu.
This module is for MC 1.8.9

Video showcase >>
Shows animated graphs of your memory usage in the top right corner of the screen.